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  • Reflexes Childcare
    • Blinking -When a bright light gets shined into the babies eye they blink/close their eyes
    • Rooting - Touch the side of the babies head and turn to face that direction
    • Sucking - Put something in the childs mouth and they automatically start sucking
    • Palmer Grasp - Any object you put in the child's palm they will grasp around it
    • Plantar - When you put something on the balls of the child's foot, like tickling their toes will curl up.
    • Stepping - If the baby is being held standing up they try to step down in a walking motion
    • Moro - If baby is falling backwards or down, it flings its arms out
    • Startle - When a loud noise happens the baby will jump
    • Asymmetric Tonic Neck - The opposite arm and leg will bend to whichever way the baby is looking


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