Reflection and Refraction in Waves

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  • Reflection and Refraction
    • Reflection
      • Angle of Incidence = Angle of Reflection
        • Angle of Incidence = the angle between the INCOMING WAVE and the NORMAL
        • Angle of Reflection = the angle between the REFLECTED WAVE and the NORMAL
      • The NORMAL
        • An imaginary line that's PERPENDICULAR at the surface of the POINT OF INCIDENCE (surface where wave hits the boundary)
        • Usually shown as a dotted line
      • Specular Reflection
        • When a wave is reflected in a single direction by a smooth surface
          • E.g when LIGHT is reflected by a MIRROR = CLEAR reflection
      • Diffuse Reflection
        • When a wave is reflected by a rough surface and the reflected waves are are SCATTERED in LOTS OF DIFFERENT DIRECTIONS
    • Refraction
      • When light waves are bent when they enter an new MEDIA (material)
      • If a wave crosses a boundary and SLOWS DOWN it will bend TOWARDS THE NORMAL.
      • If a wave crosses the boundary and SPEEDS UP it will bend AWAY from the normal.
      • The wavelength changes but the frequency stays the same
      • The Optical density of a material is a measure OF HOW QUICKLY LIGHT can travel through it. The HIGHER the optical density, the SLOWER the light waves travel through it.


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