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referenda in the UK

P.S: referenda is the plural of referendum 

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  • refernda
    • what is it?
      • a question  that enables people to vote on a particular issue
    • format
      • wording by the government
      • timing chosen by the government
        • wording by the government
      • yes or no answer
    • examples
      • AV referendum in 2011
        • returned "no"
      • Devolution of Scotland and Wales
        • 1979 returned "no" for both
        • 1997 returned "yes" for both, Scotland given Parliament and Wales given Assembly
      • Europe In/Out referendum
        • promised before the end of this government (2015)
    • aftermath
      • government not bound by result because of parliamentary sovereignty
        • promised to listen to result
          • would be  very undemocraticif not


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