Reductionism evaluation

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  • Reductionism Evaluation
    • Scientific credibility
      • Often forms on the basis of scientific research.
      • target behaviours are reduced to consituent parts.
      • this makes it possible to conduct experiments or record observations
        • behavioural categories.
      • creates operationalised variables.
      • gives psychology greater credibility
    • lack of validity
      • explains at the level of genes and neurotransmitters transmitters.
      • it oversimplifies the complex phenomena and so loses validity.
      • they fail to analyse the social context of behaviour.
      • therefore reductionist explanations can only ever form part of an explanation.
    • interactionalistapproach
      • strength of both holism and reductionism
      • considers how different levels of explanation combine and interact.
      • diathesis stress model


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