Reducing aggression 

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  • Reducing Aggression
    • Biological methods of reducing aggression
      • One way is through drugs
        • The drug Ritalin stimulates activity in the brain which reduces the aggressive behaviour caused by ADHD
          • When the prefrontal cortex is stimulated it is able to control the aggressive instincts caused by the limbic system.
      • Another way is psychosurgery
        • This is a way to deal with brain disease which is done by either removing or destroying part of the brain that isn't functioning properly
          • This is done by inserting a probe very precisely and heating up the end to kill nerves.
            • Research shows that the limbic system is responsible for aggressive behaviour so its usually a part of that which is destroyed
              • This is only used as a last resort as once a part of the brain is destroyed it won't grow back therefore damage is permanent
    • Psychodynamic methods of reducing aggression
      • One way Freud suggested to reduce aggression was redirecting the instincts
        • This could be done by doing safe activities using ego defence mechanisms such as displacement and sublimation.
          • Sublimation is putting energy into a safe activity which will reduce the build up of aggressive instincts
            • This will reduce the chance of us having an aggressive outburst for no apparent reason
      • Another way Freud suggested to reduce aggression was through releasing instincts through catharsis
        • Catharsis was a Greek idea which means purifying yourself by experiencing great emotion
          • Ancient Greek plays were full of murders and other unpleasant things.
            • Freud believed by watching these it would help you get your aggressive instinct out of your system and as a result they would be less likely to commit murders themselves
    • Social learning method of reducing aggression
      • Bandura (1965)
        • Aim-To see if observing a role model being punished would reduce the chance of aggression being copied
          • Method-Children were shown an adult model either being punished or reinforced for acting aggressively
            • Results-Those children who saw the model being punished were less aggressive themselves than those who seen the model being reinforced
      • Huesmann et al (1983)
        • Aim-To see if teaching children to think more carefully about what they see would reduce aggression
          • Method-A group of children was taught to realise that what happens on television is not real. The camera sometimes depicts things that do not happen, and people mostly use non-violent methods of resolving problems. The children's behaviour was then compared with that of another group who did not receive any training.
            • Results-The children who received training showed less aggression than the other group.
              • Conclusion-Aggression will be reduced by making children think about how they behave so that role models on television become less influential


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