Redox Reactions-C6

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  • Redox Reactions
    • Rusting is a redox reaction
    • A substance is reduced if it gains electrons, oxidised if it loses electrons
    • Galvanising-protects iron with a layer of zinc
      • Zinc is more reactive than iron
      • Stops water and oxygen reaching the iron surface
    • Displacement reactions: more reactive metal "swaps" places with the less reactive one
      • Mg+ZnSO4 ---> MgSO4+Zn
        • Zn and Mg are more reactive than iron, lose electrons- sacrifical metals
    • Redox reactions can be forced in either direction
      • Iron is usually oxidised, but can be pushed back
        • Rusting is a redox reaction
        • Oxidation- push off electrons andturn into ions
      • Chlorine is usually reduced
        • Reduction- electrons forced onto less reactive metals


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