Redistribution of Cardiac Output

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  • Redistribution of cardiac output
    • Arterioles- Widen(vasolidation)to allow more blood more blood through
    • Pre-capillary sphincters- rings of smooth muscle at the junction between arterioles and capillaries, which can dilate or constrict to control blood flow through the capillary bed
    • Vascular shunt
      • Mechanism which directs blood to the exercising muscles through vasolidation and vasoconstriction.
      • Redistribution of blood during exercise:
        • Increase: blood flow to the skeletal muscles in order to supply them with oxygen and nutrients and to remove carbon dioxide
        • Increase: blood flow to the heart to provide additional oxygen, as it has to work harder during exercise
        • Increase: blood flow to the skin in order to regulate body temperature
        • Decrease: blood flow to some abdominal organs to allow for greater blood flow to active body parts


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