Redemption: Key Events in the Mass

All these mindmaps are the AQA revision guide condensed further so everything is very condesed and simple 

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  • Key Events in the Mass
    • The Start of the Mass
      • Catholics come together to celebrate Mass
        • congregation represents Body of Christ on earth
      • Catholics apologise to God + each other for their sins
        • strengthens their relationship with God as they accept God has forgiven + redeemed them
    • The Readings
      • at least 2 readings are given from Bible (one from Gospels)
        • remind Catholics God has guided his people
        • through Gospel Jesus shows in his actions how God loves humanity
    • The Offertory
      • the bread + wine are brought to altar by members of congregation
        • sign of thanksgiving from congregation
    • The Eucharistic Prayer + Consecration
      • during the Eucharistic Prayer the priest repeats words from Last Supper
        • reminds Christians they make the event a reality, during Eucharist
      • at the end of the prayer, Jesus is truly present in the Bread + Wine and are offered up to God
        • renews the new covenant - new relationship between God + humanity established when Jesus died
    • Communion
      • the priest offers Bread + Wine to congregation
        • Catholics receive Body + Blood which binds them to Christ + new covenant
        • they receive God's grace giving them strength + guidance
    • The End of the Mass
      • priest blesses +dismisses congregation
        • Catholics leave to share the presence of Christ + help spread Kingdom of God on earth


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