Redaction criticism

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  • Redaction criticism
    • The idea that the N.T writers altered existing material to suit their needs. Providing reason for differences in the 2 narratives. Redaction criticism began in Germany in the 1940's.
    • Evidence of R.C in Matthew
      • Written for Jews by a Jew. Tells the story from Joseph's viewpoint, links Jesus to King David through Joseph- shows Jesus to fulfill the prophecy. Shows Jesus isn't just for the Jews- visit from Magi. Herod's story is to show Jesus as a fulfillment of the law of Moses
    • Evidence of R.C in Luke
      • Written by a gentile for gentiles. Tells the story from Mary's viewpoint, less anxious to link Jesus to King David. Shows he is for everyone. "A light to the gentiles."
    • Usefulness of Redaction
      • Redaction helps us harmonizes the accounts and gives us reason to see the differences. Helps focus on theology not historicity.
    • Problems with Redaction
      • It is an attempt by the Church and theologians to explain differences and maintain the truthfulness of the stories, it is based on opinion so it is subjective. Can lead to further confusion because it is "guess work". We cannot know if the writers understood the existing information.


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