Red Cloud's War

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  • Red Cloud's War (1866-68)
    • Causes
      • Gold discovered in Montana 1862
        • Bozeman Trail crossed important Lakota Sioux hunting ground
          • Broke 1851 Fort Laramie Treaty
      • 1866
        • Government wanted Lakota Sioux to allow safe passage across lands
          • In return for gifts and a promise their hunting lands wouldn't be disturbed
      • Red Cloud discovered Government had already bought materials to build forts along Bozeman Trail
        • Had been tricked
          • Chose to fight
    • Two year fight
      • Bands followed Red Cloud
        • Attacked forts and soldiers
        • Joined by Sitting Bull and Crazy Horse
          • Bought Cheyenne and Arapaho bands to fight
            • 3,000 Indians against 700 soldiers
    • Fetterman's Trap December 1866
      • 80 cavalrymen sent to protect builders collecting wood
        • Led into ambush by Indians, all died
    • Lakota Sioux surrounded Fort Phil Kearney
      • No-one could leave or enter
      • No-one could travel along the Bozeman Trail
    • 1867
      • Peace Commission reported best way to end conflict was to move the Plains Indians west
    • 1868
      • US Government agreed to close Bozeman Trail
        • In return, Red Cloud agreed to take his people onto a reservation in Dakota


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