recycling and ethical goods

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  • Recycling and Ethical Goods
    • the 6 Rs of recycling
      • recycle
        • materials, buy recycled products, disassemble old products
      • reuse
        • for same or different pupose
        • adapt products
      • reduce
        • amount wasted
        • obsolence
        • carbon footprint
        • amount of energy used and waste produced
          • production processes
      • refuse
        • to buy unsustainable or non recyclable products
      • rethink
        • how to approach design issuess
        • how to reuse a product of its materials
      • repair
        • instead or buying new
    • ethical goods
      • choices you make when buying goods have a direct impact on others
      • if people buy cheap rpoducts
        • produced in factories with poor conditions and  pay for workers
          • these factories will continue to operate
      • designers sourcing fabrics and components has to be aware of
        • where they came from
        • how they were produced
      • consumer
        • look for labers
          • identify products as being safer for the environment of fairly produced
          • many not be cheepest
          • labels provide assurance
            • that they have been produced ethically
      • ETI
        • ethical trading initiative
        • group of companies charities and organisations
        • founded in 1998
        • work towards improving conditions in glpbal supplu chains


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