Unit 3: Solid Wastes - Recycling

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  • Recycling
    • Production loop - recycling process where industry uses wastes produced during the manufacturing processes
    • Resource stabilization - use of more abundant materials instead of less abundant ones e.g. plastic instead of metal
    • Most domestic waste can be recycled if separated before collection to prevent contamination
    • Recyclables
      • Paper
      • Garden waste
      • Electrics
      • Plastic bottles
      • Lead-acid batteries
    • Recycling aluminum (can be applied to most materials)
      • Waste losses - not all used materials are recyclable
      • Transport -  expensive
      • Labour costs - expensive to process small amounts of material
      • Separation - metal alloys cannot be separated easily so cannot usually be used
      • Identification of aluminium composition - time-consuming and labour intensive
      • Recycling saves extraction energy but creates transport energy
      • Public cooperation requires to separate wastes


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