Recycling Waste Locally: Bracknell

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  • Recycling Waste Locally: Bracknell
    • re3 is the waste management partnership that Bracknell Forest Council has with Reading and Wokingham Council
      • 2 household waste recycling centres
        • (1 in Bracknell and 1 in Reading)
        • They have a one-way system and excellent signage to make recycling easy
      • 150 recycling sites at convenient locations eg. supermarkets
      • Clear directions on each council website
    • House Collections
      • Alternate waste collection scheme
      • General waste, Garden waste, Plastic, Tins and Paper are all collected.
      • Other waste can be taken to the recycling centres.
    • Cans (collected)
      • Sent to Biffa Waste Management facility in Southampton
        • There they are sorted and baled
      • Then sent to European Metals Recycling Ltd  in Lecicester
        • Steel - melted and remoulded into slabs and coils     Aluminium - shredded, contaminates removed and remoulded.
        • New products - bikes, cars and new cans
    • Paper and Card (collected)
      • Taken to Severnside recycling facility in Maidenhead which is the recycling division of St Regis paper company
        • There it is sorted, has contaminants removed, is pulped and baled.
      • Then sent to St Regis paper mill to be rolled, layered and made into new product
    • Plastic (collected)
      • Sent to Baylis Recycling in Keynsham
        • Sorted by type and colour
          • One type is melted then remoulded
          • The other type is flaked then melted then remoulded
      • New products - fleece jackets and new bottles
    • Glass         (not collected)
      • Residents take it to the recycling points and sort it by colour
      • It is collected from the points by Berryman's from Dagenham and take to Yorkshire
      • It is washed, crushed into cullet and mixed with raw materials to make new products


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