Recycling metals

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  • Recycling metals
    • Uses less resources
      • There's a finite amount of metal in Earth
      • Conserves the resources
    • Uses less money
      • The mining and extracting metals is expensive
      • Recycling metal would require less energy therefore saving money
    • Uses less energy
      • Mining and extracting metals needs a lot of energy
        • Mostly comes from burning fossil fuels (which will run out and cause pollution)
      • Recycling things like copper and aluminium takes a fraction of the energy
    • Makes less rubbish
      • Recycling cuts down the amount of rubbish that goes to landfill
      • Landfill takes up space and pollutes surroundings
        • Re using metals prevents this
    • Economic benefits
      • Costs involved in collecting waste material
        • Collecting, transporting, sorting and processing it
      • If aluminium wasn't recycled then more aluminium ores would have to be mined
        • 4 tonnes for every 1 tonne of aluminium you need.
        • Ore needs to be transported, extracted, sent to landfill.
        • For every 1kg of aluminium cans you recycle, you save:
          • 95% of the energy needed. 4kg of aluminium ore, a lot of waste.


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