Positive and Negative Recreational Activities and effect of these on PIES.

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  • Recreational Activities.
    • Positive -  Going out to a dance class.
      • E
        • A person may feel more emotionally secure and happier as they are being involved in a group activity and there would be more involvement with other people which would give someone positive self concept and self esteem.
      • I
        • This would improve your knowledge of the activity but also if it a salsa class for example by learning the dance and going to the classes you would learn the history and culture of the country that the dance originated from.
      • S
        • A person may create more friendships and be more socially involved with other people which would also improve their conversational and social skills.
      • P
        • This would improve a persons self image because as they tone their muscles they would become more confident in how they looked and their self concept would also improve.
    • Negative- Smoking
      • E
        • A person may get stressed more easily and suffer from depression as when the money runs out for cigarettes the person would get strong cravings and may upset themselves and others around them.
      • I
        • Cravings for another  cigarette may affect your concentration during work which could lead to job loss and then no income.
      • S
        • If a person becomes stressed  from withdrawal symptoms         then others around them may not want to socialize with them and relationships (personal/ family/friends)may break down from the constant arguments.
      • P
        • Could cause cancer of the mouth, throat and lungs. this could also lead to and unexpected death.


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