Recognition & Localisation

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  • Recognition & Localisation
    • Visual System
      • Eyes & connecting pathways to visual cortex & temporal & parietal lobes
    • Recognition
      • Understanding what an object is and it's function
      • Who a face belongs to
    • Localisation
      • Location of an object in relation to it's environment and the perceiver
      • Update information when navigating through environment
    • Impaired Recognition
      • Perceive spatial relations between objects but can't tell what objects are
    • Impaired Localisation
      • Can distinguish between objects but don't know where they are in relation to ourselves
    • Ungerleider & Mishkin (1982) - 2 distinct pathways
      • Dorsal pathway to parietal lobe
        • Spatial recognition and navigation (where and how)
      • Ventral pathway
        • Object Recognition


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