Unit 3: Solid Wastes - Reclamation and Re-mediation of Spoil Heaps

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  • Reclamation and Re-mediation of Spoil Heaps (overburden from mining)
    • Topography - steep slopes and angular shapes are ugly
      • Landscaping used which requires more land
    • Stability - uncompacted heaps may erode if building occurs
      • Soil compaction and vegetation reduces this
    • Drainage - may be needed to reduce landslide risk in heavy rain
    • Lack of nutrients - especially sand/shale spoil
      • Topsoil, sewage sludge or fertilisers added
    • pH - sulfides may make sulfuric acid (spoil rarely too alkaline)
      • Lime added to reduce acidity
    • Toxic materials - may be immobilised with lime to maintain a pH in which they are insoluble (heavy metals)
    • Petrochemical contamination - bacteria digest oil through bioremediation
    • Toxic leachates - collected and treated to prevent them entering environment and water sources
      • Vegetation penetrate deep into soil and reach toxic materials - prevented by application of deeper layers of soil
    • Asbestos - toxic so double wrapped in heavy duty polythene bags in specialised landfill
    • Cyanide - toxic enzyme inhibitor so must be incinerated


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