Recalling- Flashbulb memory

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  • Recalling: Flashbulb Memory
    • Brown & Kulik
      • "Flashbulb memories are detailed, almost photographic, vivid memories of public or personal events
      • For example: Weddings, 9/11, Death of Diana
      • Flashbulb memory will...
        • Be accurate
        • Be long-lasting
        • Contain information about people and place
        • Reproduce emotional response
        • Include personal consequences of the event
    • Evaluation
      • Finkenauer et al
        • There is no special mechanism for Flashbulb memories
          • The things Conway outlines can also be used for normal memories
      • Talarico & Rubin
        • Both the Flashbulb and everyday memory remained strong after 32 weeks
        • Flashbulb memories have a special mechanism
      • Conway states for a Flashbulb memory we need...
        • Rehearsal
        • Prior Knowledge
        • Personal Importance
        • Emotional Reaction
    • Bohannon
      • Studied memories of the Space Shuttle Challenger Explosion
      • Memories of event faded over time from 77% at 2 weeks to 58% at 8 months
      • Perhaps the memory of that event did not include personal consequence for the participants


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