rebellion in asnd and aht

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  • rebellion
    • a womans role
      • Offred - like her fellow handmaids represent womans oppression by having limited freedoms and being forced to produce children.
      • Stella- she serves as an example of how woman were used for sex and as punching bags.
      • both writers are trying to show the problems in society and how things need to change.
    • homosexuality
      • "After the death of Allan " - Blanches husband was caught sleeping with another man, he then committed suicide.
      • moira- is a gay woman and is labelled as a gender traitor.
    • threat to society
      • Blanche presents a threat to the new south and Stanley's american dream.
    • reality vs magic
      • Janine appearing in some kind of trance.
      • Blanche- "i don't want realism I want magic"
  • Offred - commits small acts of rebellion against Gilead (touching Moiras finger through the bathroom stall).


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