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  • Rebellion
    • All My Sons
      • 'There are certain men in the world who rather see everyone hung before they'll take blame'
        • Joe Keller's rebellion against morality, not stepping up to the responsibility he needs to face
        • Dramatic Irony  - the family hear this speech and think Joe is being knowledgeable and wise, yet the audience are suspicious of Joe's involvement and therefore know everything he is saying relates to him
      • 'As long as I know him, twenty five years, the man never learned how to take the blame.'
        • Keller's rebellion against morality. Claims his false innocence at Steve's expense
        • 'The man' - general wording referring to his partner of most of his life, which is odd. Shows him trying to disassociate with him in any way possible so he feels less guilt.
        • Context; Miller saw people become greedy in the war period, with a loss of their morals. Joe Keller represents the rebellion against a moral and ethical society with his selfishness
    • The Handmaid's Tale
      • 'Nolite te bastardes carborandorum'
        • Quote Offred finds written in the wardrobe which translates to 'Don't let the bastards grind you down'
        • In the misogynous regime they are oppressed in, the rebellious phrase gives Offred a slight chance of hope.
      • 'And so I step up, into the darkness within; or else the light.'
        • The final line of the novel. It is Offred's last chance to escape and rebel the system
        • The fact she doesn't know whether it's the 'darkness' or the 'light' shows she has mixed feelings about her rebellion. It could save her or end her - but it was the only chance she had to possibly break free of Gilead.


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