Belief and Non Belief in God

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  • Reasons why People do/do not believe in God
    • Religious Experience
      • Moses and the Burning Bush
      • St Paul on the Road to Damascus
      • Phrophet Mohammed on Night Journey
      • CS Lewis
      • Bernadette Soubiros (Lourdes)
    • CosmologicalEffect
      • Earth must have come from somewhere
      • St Thomas Aquinas
        • Something cannot start from nothing. Therefore Universe must have a cause and creator.
      • Everything can Be traced back to a first cause.
      • Domino Effect
      • God = necessary being. God must exist. He was created as we are and there was never a time when he did not exist.
    • Telelogical Argument
      • William Paley
        • Watch analogy - so intricate must have a designer
      • The world = perfectly designed
    • Moral Arguement
      • We have an innate sense of good and bad inherited from God.
      • Hastings Rashall
        • Humans born with knowledge of moral law.
      • Crdinl. John Henry Newman
        • Conscience and Sense of Guilt is God guiding us to goodness.


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