Reasons why Henry wanted an annulment of his marriage to catherine of Aragon

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  • Reasons why henry wanted an annulment of his marriage to Catherine of Aragon
    • Love for Anne Boleyn
      • He thought she could provide him a son
      • He was tired of her sister Mary
      • She wanted to be queen not just lover
    • Religious Reasons
      • Henry borke away from the Catholic Church
      • Dispensation of Catherine of Aragon
      • Leviticus - If a man marries his brother's wife it is sinful and they will be childless
      • Anne was a protestant sympathiser
    • Dynastic Reasons
      • They had a daughter not a son
      • There were a number of male heirs who could claim the right to the throne should Henry not produce a male heir
      • He had an illegitimate son, Henry Fitzroy, Duke of Richmond, but he could not be recognised by the nobles as a rightful heir
      • In 1525 France questioned the legitimacy of Mary
      • Catherine could not have any more children
      • No legitimate male heir to the English throne
  • Dispensation of Catherine of Aragon


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