Why did Germany hate the T of V?

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  • Reasons why Germany hated the Treaty of Versailles
    • War Guilt-article 231
      • Germany didn't think she was to blame for the war- lots of countries caused the outbreak of war,
      • Germans felt they were being blamed for the Kaiser's actions so he had no been disposed of so the new government shouldn't be punished for the actions of the old government,
      • War guilt meant Germany agreed to joining the war and could be punished for the war losses of the other countries  =reperations,
    • Reperations
      • £6,600 million was too much for Germany to pay as they spent a fortune on the war and now had to pay for losses of other countries,
      • Inability to pay reparations due to the loss of fertile farm land, Posen and industrial land, the Saar,
      • German economy was in tatters by the end of WW1- they feared reparations would kill them,
      • Reparations was to be paid over 42 years so they longer they go on, the longer it will take for German trade to recover and the bitterness of war to disappear,
    • Military Restrictions
      • German pride is damaged- their identity is linked very closely to their military power,
      • 100,000 men are not enough to defend Germany or restore law and order in Germany
      • Germany hated that she had to disarm when the 14 points talked about everyone disarming so she is weakened as she has strong enemies= vulnerable,
      • Rhineland-resent the presence of enemy troops on the west side of the river Rhine as it is the first time enemy troops enter Germany,
    • Land losses
      • Germany lost 72,500 square kilometres of land and 6-7 million people (0ver 10% of land and population). 1.5 million speaking Germans now live in Poland-no National Self Determination,
      • Polish Corridor was hated as:
        • It contained many Germans
        • it split East Prussia from Germany so it left it vulnerable to attack and hard to control as Poland split them,
        • It contained fertile land that the Germans needed to feed Germany,
      • The Saar
        • It went to the L of N for 15 years and France could use it in this time to get coal,
        • Germany needs this coal to help boost her economy and to provide jobs for the unemployed in German and to help pay reparations to Germany,
      • Colonies
        • She lost all her over-seas colonies so was no longer a world or international power,
        • She resented her colonies being controlled by the L of N as iot meant they were controlled by GB and F
        • This means GB and F were becoming more powerful and wealthy at the expense of G which they hated,
    • Why the T of V failed/didn't?
      • It was not a perfect solution but brought peace to Europe short term + the L of N
      • German economy was in tatters as they hadn't used taxes to raise money for war as she expected to win and take money from the losing countries,
      • It left Germany with complaints about the T of V and were determined to get rid of it- she HATED it
      • Hitler was able to appeal to the German people by promising to destroy the T of V


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