Reasons for World Population Growth

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  • Reasons for World Population Growth
    • Africa
      • Urbanisation
        • Increase in rural areas
        • Increase in the growth of urbanisation
        • Rural to urban migration
        • Less need for children to work - decrease in birth rate
      • Agricultural Change
        • Still needs children to work
        • Farming has become more effective
          • Better development of machinery
          • More use of fertiliser, herbicides and pesticides
          • Birth rate decreases
      • Role of Women
        • Less freedoms / choices e.g. use of contraception
        • Religious / social reasons
        • Culture - big families
        • Lack of equal opportunities - no career
        • In Bangladesh the bank lends money to women to be entrepeners
    • Europe
      • Agricultural Change
        • Mechanisation of farming
        • Less need for children to work
        • Less children - decrease in birth rate
      • Urbanisation
        • Growth of towns and cities
        • Majority of people live in towns and cities
        • Higher standard of living
        • High expectations of materials and resources
        • Fewer children so lower birth rate - stable population
        • Stage 4/5 of Demographic Transition Model
      • Role of Women
        • More contraception available - lower birth rate
        • More focus on careers - equal opportunities
        • Women decide to have their 1st child later - stable population
        • Some women choose to focus on career and have no children


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