Growth in spectator sport

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  • Reasons for the growth in spectator sport
    • Competitions and tournaments
      • Division 2 - 1898
      • Divisions 3 North & South - 1921
        • Points system and promotion and relegation for teams ensured support all season long
      • Knockout FA Cup competition
      • Local 'derbies', holiday games and battles involving promotion and relegation
    • Increased leisure time
      • Paid holidays
      • Bank holidays set in 1870s
      • Not working Saturday / Sunday afternoon
      • Sport arranged for Good Friday, Easter Monday, Christmas Day and Boxing Day
    • Influence of radio
      • Final scores on Saturday afternoons
      • 1920s - BBC started regular outside broadcasts of sporting events
      • League banned broadcasts although the Cup Final was broadcast each year
      • Millions tuned in to Tommy Farr box Joe Lois in America for the world heavyweight title in August 1937
    • Better transport
      • Railway boom of 19th Century
      • Could travel easily and cheaply
      • 'Special' trains for spectators


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