Reasons for atheism

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  • Reasons for rise in atheism
    • Science
      • Telescope- solar system explained without God
      • Darwin's biological revolution- trial and error
      • Psychoanalysis- consceince isn't God
    • Empiricism
      • Knowledge can only be gained through experience
      • No knowledge of anything beyond sense experience
      • Hume- we have no knowledge of God, therefore no justification to believe
      • Verification Principal- unless we know in principal how to verify a statement= meaningless= illogical
    • Problem of evil
      • Omnipotent
      • Omniscient
      • All loving
      • Why let children/innocent suffer
    • Rebellion against moral absolutes
      • What is right or wrong varies
      • Freedom of thought
      • Social change
      • If society has MA=needs commander=GOD
      • No MA=texts can't be trusted= removes reason for believing in God
      • Especially reject God of classical theism
    • Awareness of other faiths
      • If Xianity is truth, are others wrong?
      • HUME- Each rel makes conflicting claims about objective nature of God and world
    • Nietzche GOD IS DEAD
      • God isn't relevant in society
      • God has been replaced by philosophy and science
      • Death of rel ethics


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