Reasons for Revolution

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  • Reasons for Revolution
    • William of Orange
      • Threat of French invasion w/ James' help
      • 1688- James' heir born, removing Mary from succession
      • Supported Test Act instead of Dec.
    • 'Radical Whigs' (Zook)
      • Left over from Exclusion Crisis, their cause had only grown- were instrumental in inviting William back
        • 'Immortal Seven' even included 2 Tories who were alienated by James' absolutism
    • James II
      • Absolutism
        • His first Parliament not enemies- but he app. 90 officers w/  £2 mil grant
          • Further  alienated Parl. with insistence on Dec. of Indulgence (1688) being read in pulpits
        • Also exercised power in removing judges, e.g. Godden vs. Hales
      • Foreign Policy
        • Relationship w/ Catholic France
        • Ireland- Tyreconnell (67% Catholic soldiers
        • Scotland- alienation of Pres. 1687 toleration
      • Religion
        • Continual favouring of Catholics united enemies
        • Notable- Dec. of Indulgence 1687
        • Catholics in universities- Oxford (Magdalen) fellows dismissed for seminary


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