Reasons for parliamentary victory in 1st Civil war

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  • Reasons for Parliamentary victory in Civil War
    • Control of London/ South East
      • C mistake- didn't march on London immediately  after B of Edgehill Oct 1642
      • P had wealthiest part of country, London economic & trade centre of country
      • P more likely to win long drawn out war- C too reliant on swift victory
      • Lack of finance became constant theme of royalist war effort
        • P had wealthiest part of country, London economic & trade centre of country
    • Financing war
      • Poor roy leadership- C anxious not to break with tradition, relient on gifts, plundering and free quarter- unpopular with people
        • C eventually turned to par methods- too late
          • Didn't control enough of country- North- poor
        • Hyde- 'Canker of Want'
      • Pym- Architect of parliamentary victory
        • Monthly assessment- £90,000 per month
        • Exercise duty
        • County committes- wide ranging authority, not gentry 'social upstarts'
    • Alliances
      • Alliance with Scots Covenanters
        • Establishing Presbyterian church
        • 21,000 covenanter army- Proved decisive at Battle of Marston Moor 1644
      • Cessation 1643
        • Propaganda disaster- confirmed fears of popish plot and catholic influence in court
        • Poor quality army- cam in small groups
        • Charles and Irish rebs- army in return for cath toleration in IRE.
    • Leadership
      • C- failed to provide decisive leadership- factional conflict developed
        • Peace negotiations failed- C felt could win 'war of attrition'
      • Pym- held parliament together- Peace and war group- died in 1643 disaster,
        • After death- Par leadership as bad as C
          • Lostwithiel-Essex
          • Newbury- Manchester
          • Split deepened after quarrel Comwell/ Manchester
    • Parliamentary decisions of 1645
      • April- Self-denying ordinance
        • Removed incompetent military leadership
      • Feb- New Model Army Ordiance
        • National, 'go anywhere' army, removed problem of regionalism
        • Well and regularly paid- unlikely to plunder
        • Decisive at Naesby June1645- King degeated


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