Reasons for Nazi electoral success

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  • Reasons for Nazi Electoral Success
    • The impact of the Depression
      • Caused many people to vote for extreme parties
      • Moderate parties seemed unable to achieve anything substantial
      • Nazis seemed to offer radical action
    • The appeal of Hitler
      • Gifted public speaker
      • Projected the idea that he was the saviour who would solve Germany'siissues
      • Used his private plane to tour the country and give his speeches
      • Offered something to all sections of society
      • Gave the German people someone to blame for Germany'sissues
        • Jews and communists
    • The use of the SA
      • Disrupted meetings of political rivals
      • Protected Nazi speakers during election meetings
    • Financial support
      • Industrialists such as Bosch and Krupp
      • Feared a communist take over
      • Concerned at the growth of trade union
    • The use of propaganda
      • Dr Josef Goebbels
        • Ensured the Hitler message hit home
      • Staged mass rallies
      • Huge poster campaigns
      • Used radio and cinema


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