Reasons for increasing divorce rates

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  • Reasons for increasing divorce rates
    • Divorce is no longer viewed as a negative and instead is viewed as a chance to escape from a bad relationship
    • Changes in divorce laws have made it easier for people to get divorces
    • Beck and Gernshiem - 1995
      • Rising divorce rates are a product of a changing world
      • Traditional views on marriage no longer apply
    • Functionalists argue that higher divorce rates show that marriage is viewed as more valuable and therefore people demand higher standards from their marriages
    • Women are financially dependent and so don't need to rely on marriage for financial security
    • Hart
      • Divorce is a reaction to the frustration that wives are responsible solely for the hosuework
    • Divorce may be the outcome of tensions caused by women taking over the main role as main breadwinner
    • Thornes and Collard
      • Women value freidnship and emotional gratification more than men do.
      • If men fail to live up to these standards, then women will get a divorce


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