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    • Failures of Louis
      • The Storming of Bastille
        • Louis was unable to deal with the economic situation and this encourage people to lose faith he would be able to reform France
        • He had been unable to control his gardes of Paris and many disobeyed when he instructed they leave Paris
        • By dismissing Necker many feared that Louis was reattempting to establish his power - caused the storming of the Bastille
      • Revolution in the Provinces
        • King's authority was questioned
      • October Days
        • By refusing the August Decrees tension was created
        • The call for more guards to trample the revolutionary cockade caused further upset
        • Bread was only given to the people but to late - lack of judgement - showed force was the only way
    • Economic Crisis
      • The Storming of Bastille
        • Economic crisis had led to an anti-government feeling as the inability to deal with the economic crisis had angered many people
        • By 1789 the average worker was spending 88% of their wages on bread which further pushed France into discount in living standards and create a dangerous unstable situation
      • Revolution in the Provinces
        • bad harvest had affected the peasants badly and encouraged them to become more political
      • October Days
        • Bread prices weren't lower -people became angry when they saw people binging at the king's Royal banquet
    • The People of France
      • Storming of Bastille
        • The people of Paris managed to seize 28,000 muskets and defeat Bastille
        • Their actions encouraged the rural riots as it undermined absolute monarchy
      • Revolution in the Provinces
        • Wasn't a direct result of the Storming of Bastille
        • Local gov was challenged throughout France and nearly all intimidates abandoned their posts
        • Peasants became out of control and began attacking Chateaux, Landlords and  began looting grain stores
      • October Days
        • 6-7,000 women set off to Versailles, Made the King move to Paris and undermine the monarchy
    • Lose of Military Control
      • Storming of Bastille
        • 5/6 joined the crowds outside the Bastille prison
      • Revolutions in the Provinces
        • citizens militia were set up which aimed to protect people against the gov
      • October DaysOctober Days
        • 20,000 National Guards joined the women on their march to the Versailles


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