Creation of the Circular 10/65

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  • Reasons for Circular 10/65
    • Problems with the Butler Act
      • Tripartite education system was segregated
      • Secondary modern students rarely went to university
      • Working class students could not break class barriers
      • Social change context of 1960s meant people wanted equality
    • Crosland
      • Strong beliefs about fairness
      • Aimed to "destroy every last f******g grammar school"
      • Part of the reforming Labour government
      • Saw unfairness of old system
    • Labour Government
      • Promoted social change so people saw unfairness of old system
      • Created a shift in attitudes
      • Employed liberals eg Crosland
    • Robbins Report
      • Higher education could not be reformed without secondary education reforms
      • Highlighted issues with higher education
      • Stimulated the need for change


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