Charles 1

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  • Reasons for Charles 1 defeat
    • The navy supported parliament so they could get more supplies from over seas.
    • Parliament had more experienced commanders
      • The parliament had a better trained army then the Cavaliers.
        • cromwell took time to create and train his perfect army
      • with their inexperienced comander the royalists lost their first battle the battle of nasbey
    • Parliament took care of their soldiers
    • Charles put an inexperianced person in charge of his armies.
    • Charles illegaly collected taxes
    • Parliament chose their men carefully
      • The soliders were well paid and believed in god and the fact he was on there side
    • The Scots join the war on Parliament's  side, which provided another strong fighting force against Charles I.
    • Charles left London at the start of the war leaving Parlaiment in total control of the capital, resources and organisation. Charles attempted to recapture it but fai
    • parliment controlled the south east of england the richest part of the country so they could fund the war.


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