Reasons for Appeasement

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  • Reasons for Appeasement
    • Defence against communism
      • Hitler wasn't main concern. Britain and its allies were more concerned about the spread of communism and particularly about the dangers to world peace posed by Stalin. Many saw Hitler as the buffer to the threat of spreading communism.
    • No USA support
      • American leaders were determined not to be dragged into another war. Britain and her allies didn't think they could face up to Germany without guarantee of Americas support.
    • Own economic problems of higher priorities
      • Britain and France were still suffering from the effects of depression. They had large debts and huge unemployment.
    • Did not want to have war
      • Both British and French leaders vividly remembered the horrific experiences of WW1. They wished to avoid a war at all costs
    • Britain wasn't ready for war.
      • The British government believed that the armed forces were not ready for war against Hitler


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