Reasons why the General Strike 1926 Failed

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  • Reasons the 1926 General Strike Failed
    • TUC problems
      • TUC leaders never wanted a GS (moderate men who hoped SB would back down like on Red Friday 1925)
      • TUC overtaken by Daily Mail Printers strike. Still tired to negotiate
      • TUC NO DETAILED PLAN FOR GS (only on eve of strike hurried by TGWU) did they start planning
      • Took first opportunity to end strike- Samuel Memorandum
      • TUC only have £4mil
        • Gov spent approx £435 million
    • Other Unions
      • Not a proper General Strike, only selected unions took part (eg transport and railway workers, printers, workers in heavy industries)
      • Lack of cohesion and organisation, some areas simply ignored the call and carried on working
    • Government
      • Red Friday July 1925, allowed Gov 1 year to prepare for Strike
      • Government used EMERGENCY POWERS ACT of 1920 , allowed for the ORGANISATION FOR THE MAINTENANCE OF SUPPLIES (OMS) national network of voluntary workers to maintain vital services
      • Gov spent approx £435 million
    • Public Support
      • Sympathy from ordinary people, little active support or funding
      • Volunteers tended to support the GOV eg Ex-Servicemen enrolled as special constables + uni students volunteered as bus/train drivers
      • BBC neutral, said nothing critical of GOV/ supportive of workers
    • Limited aims of Strikers
      • Very few strikers radical. Wanted peaceful and responsible dispute
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