Reasons Systems are Attacked

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  • Why Systems are Attacked
    • Data and Information Theft
      • Information can be stolen from you and sold to criminal gangs or organisations for financial gain or sometimes even for illegal use through exploitation (for example, sex trafficking and drug smuggling)
    • Disruption
      • Hacking can be used to cause an organisation to disrupt functionality, through operational chaos, data loss, financial loss, damage to reputation or even complete liquidation after becoming insolvent.
    • Industrial Espionage
      • Businesses may be attacked so their buildings and designs can be stolen and sold to competitors in the same business that can thrive off your ideas.
    • Personal Attack
      • Hackers may try to access you account if you have mistreated them in the past or possibly hurt them in some way.
    • Financial Gain
      • Some hackers may hack both the business and personal accounts to try and extort money from victims especially with the use of ransomware.
    • Fun/Challenge
      • Some hackers hack for the fun, adrenaline, suspense and achievement of hacking into a system and can be recognised by peers for this work.


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