Reasons for the Union of 1707

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  • Reasons for the Union of 1707
    • Economic
      • Scottish Merchant gain access to English Colonies, Markets, raw materials & financial advantages. Scots - level competition with European rivals for trade.
        • Union with England might help Scotland recover from the failure of the Darien Scheme.
          • Stability created by Union would lead landowners & farmers to invest in land improvements
            • A reduction in poverty in Scotland was also more likely under union.
    • Political
      • S & E would speak as one country - gives Scotland greater standing in Europe.
        • S reps would be at King's Court in London & therefore, English interests would not dominate when the King was receiving advice.
          • Anti-Jacobites supported union - would mean Hanoverian succession would be secured.
    • Defence
      • Scotland would have greater security with union.
        • England was the most powerful country in Europe.
          • Any chance of invasion of Scotland by foreign powers would be reduced. - this would benefit England - invasion of England by S & France would be lifted.
    • Culture
    • Religion
      • Presbyterian Church would remain.
        • For protestants, the threat of pro-catholic interests would be removed with Union, since English Act of Settlement prevented future monarchs being catholic.


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