Reasons for National Party Victory 1948

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  • Reasons for the National Party victory 1948
    • Impact of WW2 on economy
      • Labour needed so laws relaxed on Africans
      • Africans got less pay
      • Afrikaners scared Africans take their jobs while they fought in war
      • Smuts (PM at time) said segregation had failed
      • 1942 African deputy PM encouraged relaxed education and employment laws
    • Growth of Afrikaner nationalism + Nazi support
      • Some Afrikaners worked for pro - Nazi places
      • Verwoerd published Die Transvaaler for National Party - pro nazi stance
      • Afrikaners joined fascist movements
      • Nazi Party in SA claimed to have 250,000 members by 1939
    • Jan Smuts problems
      • Smuts' United Party expected to win but was too old and tired
      • Afrikaners didn't agree with his close ties in WW2
      • Election campaign lacked new ideas
      • Weak police on race relations
    • Post war reunify among Afrikaners
      • Afrikaners created own businesses over finance  concerns
      • Dutch reformed churches provided Afrikaner schools and cultural activities
    • National Party
      • Suggested Apartheid
        • Treat Africans as foreigners, only allowed in SA as guests. Only allowed in their reserves
      • Recieved international crtism as anti - colonial movments developed. Due to Europe having empires in Africa
    • United Nations
      • India had first discusion on apartheid about treatment of SA Indians 1946.
      • UN coucil condemned it every year from 1952
      • Became an ally agaisnt communism


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