Reasons for the failure of the Rump/ Commonwealth

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  • Reasons for the failure of the Republican Government / Commonwealth 1649 - 60
    • Nominated Assembly
      • religious radicals determined to establish godly rule in the country
      • Cromwell formed the committee with members from England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales
      • Following reforms were enacted:
        • Civil marriage was legalised
        • registers for births marriagesand deaths established
        • the revenue system was reformed
    • Ireland and Scotland
      • Scotland
        • S posed a great threat - immediately after Charles I's executionCharles II was declared King (Feb 1649) despite the fact CII was still in Holland
        • Scottish Officer David Leslie commanded a powerful army which he handed to Charles II - provoking 3rd Civil War
        • Cromwell defeated the Scots at Dunbar in 1650 - following this Cii fled to France - 9 years exile
          • This ensured the survival of the republican government and increased the prestige of the armed forces
    • Role of Cromwell
      • Surpressed Irish and Scots from creating a third Civil War
      • Lord protectorate - took control
    • The Rump reasons for failure of:
      • the conservative nature of the MPs
      • limited finances - without resources the MPs of the Rump were less inclined to initiate significant reform
      • the threat from Ireland and Scotland
      • fear of radical religious groups - MPs concerned at the development of new groups and sought to reimpose religious control
      • fear of the New Model Army - Prides Purge had shown MPs that the Army held deal power
      • the Dutch War - resources and time were used on war with the dutch which broke out 1652
    • Government experiments
      • 11 major generals-  The 11 major generals experiment highlighted the fundamental tensions between reform and stability during republican rule  
  • End of the CW:             CW was replaced by the Protectorate - Cromwell was Lord Protector and a parliament was to be elected every 3 years
    • Instrument of Government formed aimed at giving the republic long term stability


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