Modern Childhood Mindmap

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  • Reasons for the development of modern childhood
    • Changes in education
      • It is now compulsory to remain in education until the age of 18
    • Industrialisation
      • Children are no longer needed to work, as they were 100 years ago
      • Society now needs an educated workforce
    • Laws
      • Laws were introduced to protect children, e.g child labour restrictions and child cruelty
        • Age of consent is 16
        • The Child Protection Act was introduced in 1889- 'The prevention of cruelty'
        • Growth of child's rights
    • Invention of contraception
      • Gives couples the choice of having less children
        • This also  means parents can be more emotionally invested in their children, which wasn't common for families 100 years ago (due to high morality rates)
    • Technology (e.g iPads)
      • Allows children access to mass media
        • Moreover, this also means they have access to explicit content, e.g ***********,violent videos
          • It is argued that their access to the mass media and violent or sexual images introduces children to an  adult world at a far too young age and creates a 'Toxic Childhood'


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