The Importance of Buffalo & Horses ; Plains Indians - Survival on the Plains

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    • catching buffalo was quicker & easier on horseback
    • every part of a buffalo (except its heart, which was left on the plains) was used for food, clothing & equipment
      • the Indians believed a buffalo's heart gave new life to a herd
    • women & children cut up the buffalo's meat
      • it was eaten raw or cooked
      • some was stored for winter (known as jerky)
    • Indians could not live on the Plains without horses because they would not survive
    • wealth & status were measured by how many horses an Indian or tribe had
    • horses were used in war
    • horses carried the Indians & their belongings on their journey to find buffalo
    • some Plains Indians were nomad
      • they ate wild fruits & plants but did not settle long enough to grow crops


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