Reasons for Decline of the Nuclear Family

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  • Nuclear Family Decline
    • Increasing Divorce Rates
      • Romanticism of the concept of marriage
        • High expectations of marriage not being met could lead to divorce
      • It's easier to get divorced nowadays
        • Divorce Reform Act 1969
          • Made divorce cheaper; it costs £500 if the couples agrees on how to split their assets
          • Made divorce much quicker with a two year waiting period.
      • It's more socially acceptable to get divorced
        • Britain is more secular.
      • Attitudes to relationships are changing
        • The '...until death do us part...' concept is not seen as a necessity any more
    • More Female Careers
      • Women are prioritising their careers over having a family.
      • Women can now be financially dependent on themselves
        • This leads to more matriarchal single-parent families.
        • This leads to more house husbands and women in the instrumental role.
    • Rise in Cohabitation
      • It is more socially acceptable to cohabit
        • Due to secularisation
      • Same sex couples are put in their own category, since a nuclear family usually has a male and female head
        • Same sex couples are more socially accepted
      • The price of marriage is so high that some couples choose not to bother and alternatively cohabit
      • We live in a more secular society
        • Marriage is not seen as a necessity
    • Dual Worker Families
      • There is no specific breadwinner
      • The instrumental and expressive roles are becoming more flexible
        • They can be performed by both genders


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