Reasons for changing attitudes

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  • Reasons for changing attitudes
    • Cohabitation and marriage
      • Increases availability of effective contraception
      • Fewer people go to church so more people have sex before marriage
      • Media shows cohabitation ad sexual relationships outside of marriage making it look accpetable
    • Divorce
      • 1969 New laws make divorce much cheaper and easier to obtain
      • Expectations for marriage have changed
      • Increased equality for women
      • Women are now financially independent
      • Demographic changes
    • Family life
      • Increase of cohabitation more families have unmarried parents
      • Increase in divorce
      • Extended families - working mothers use grandparents to look after children
      • More single parent families
    • Homosexuality
      • Changes in laws
      • Medical research has shown it is genetic
      • Increased acceptance of homosexual celebrities has led to a greater acceptance


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