Reasons for business failure, Business Objectives & Types of Businesses to Choose

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  • Reasons For Business Failure
    • Poor Planning
    • Poor Choice of Location
    • Poor Cash-Flow Management
    • Economic influences
    • Poor Management Skills
    • Competition
    • Lack of Objectives
    • Poor Marketing
    • Failure to Invest in New Technologies
    • Lack of Finance
  • Type of Bussinesss to Choose
    • does the owner want to manage directly?
    • Size of Business?
    • Number of owners?
    • Incorporated or Un- incorporated?
    • How quickly does it need to be set up?
  • Business Objectives
    • Stay in business beyond the first 2 years
    • Make a Profit
    • be socially, environmentally and ethically responsible for its business activities
    • Increase in market share
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