Alternative to Marriage

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  • Reason for Cohabitation
    • Rights legally protected and no stigma for children of unmarried parents, so no point to marriage.
    • Do not want the commitment of marriage and the pressure it brings
    • Marriage just a legal contract; no need of piece of paper or ritual to show their commitment
  • Civil Partnership
    • Have rights that are similar to those of married couples
    • same sex couples unable to many but this allows legal registration of partnership
    • some Individual clergy ignore ruling and conduct blessing on civil parnership
    • Official Teaching of many mainstream churches (like those used for those who have remarried after divorce.
  • The Importance of Family and the Elderly
    • commitment and responsibility are at the heart of family life
    • Parents to give children love, stability and Christian upbringing
    • Children to honour & respect parents throughout their lives
    • Elderly to be shown love and respect and to be cared for appropriately to their needs
  • Children to honour & respect parents throughout their lives
  • Why do marriages fail ?
    • Addiction
      • alcohol; drugs
    • work
      • career comes firsy; long hours away from home; wife earns more
    • infidelity
      • loss of trust; hurt; sense of betrayal;
    • Money
      • Debt; job loss; gambling
    • Children
      • Difficult children; children from previous relationship; one wants them and the other doesn't
    • changed circumstance
      • long term sickness disablity married to young
  • irretrievable breakdown of marriage
    • unreasonable behaviour
    • infielity
    • 2 years separation - both partners agree
    • 5 years separation
    • Desertion


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