Reason for family change

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  • Reason for Change
    • Change in norms and values
      • in regard to morality and sexuality in past 50 years
        • Sex outside of marriage would once have been seen as a huge issue so men married quickly if pregnant
          • The ONS 2013 = % of children to unmarried was 47.5%
      • Fear of marriage lead to cohabitation for a "trial"
      • Secularization = decline in region makes less importance for marriage and nuclear family
      • less stigma around divorce
    • Legal Changes
      • Civil partnerships and same-sex marriage legalized in 2014
      • Divorce has been made easier so widens and cheapens divorce
      • policies link to family planning and sex education
    • Economic change
      • change of women's positions as go to work more now so less economically dependent on men
      • Economic idependence give choice not to get married and just cohabit
      • More disposable income means can re-marry - reconstituted families
      • Equal Pay Act 1975
    • New Technologies
      • become fragmented as result of technology (Gergen)
        • Families no longer sit together in one place
      • IVF make it possible to have children when they thought they couldn't
      • Methods of contraception now give control over children and sex a pleasure


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