Realism and Crime

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  • Realism and Crime
    • Right Realism
      • Crime is a real growing problem that destroys communities
        • Undermines social cohesion
        • Threatens society's work ethic
      • Wilson and Herrnstein- crime is result of biological factors
        • Differences between individuals
        • Personality traits such as aggressive
      • Murray- underclass of parents socialise children into crime
      • Clarke-Rational Choice Theory
        • People have free will and power of reason
      • Make a choice based on calculation of benefits and costs
      • Solutions?
        • Maintain criminal areas to prevent decline
        • Zero tolerance policy
        • Reduce rewards and increase costs
    • Left Realism
      • Key figure: Jock Young
      • Crime is a real problem for disadvantage groups
      • Relative Deprivation
        • How deprived someone feels in relation to others
        • Lead to crime when people feel resentment
        • Lea and Young- people today are more prosperous
      • Subculture
        • W/C and black people form deviant subcultures
        • Reaction to society
        • Involved in street crime and violence
      • Marginalisation
        • Young people feel marginalised
        • Negative treatment from authorities
        • Results in hostility and further crime
    • Tackling crime
      • Improve policing and controls
      • Make sure communities aren't alienated
        • Improve opportunities to achieve financially
      • Institutional racism creates police bias


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