Realism and Crime

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  • Realism and Crime
    • Right
      • Murray - Socialisation and the Underclass
        • Effective socialisation decreases the risk of an individaual offending
        • Crime Rate is incrasing in the 'underclass' who fail to socialise their children properly as a result of welfare dependency
        • The revolution of welfare dependency has helped the growth of lone parent families, with no male role model
      • Clarke - rational choice theory
        • The decision to commit crime is a choice based on a rational calculation of the likely consequences
        • The perceived costs of crime are low and this is why the crime rate has increased
      • Wilson and Herstein - Crime and Human nature
        • Crime is a combination between social and biological factors
        • Biological differences make some people innately more likely to commit a crime
      • Tackling crime
        • Right Realists do not focus on biology and socialisation, just practical measures to make crime less attractive
          • 'Zero tolerance' policy towards prostitution, begging and drunkenness
      • Criticisms
        • Ignores wider structural causes such as poverty
        • Ignores white collar crime
    • Left
      • Crime is a real problem which must be taken seriously
        • The increase of crime, especially working class crime, is a crisis
        • Taking crime seriously also involves recognising who is most affected by crime
      • Lea and Young - the causes of crime
        • Relative deprivation
          • Feeling deprived relative to similar groups or own expectations
          • Rising crime is partly the result of rising expectationsof high standards of living
        • Subculture
          • Merton argues that there are blovked opportunitird got subcultures, and as a reaction, they respond through crime
        • Marginalisation
          • Groups that lack organisations to represent their interests
          • Unemployed youth - expressing frustration through criminal means
      • Kinsey et al - the key to police success lies in improving relationships with the community
      • Criticisms
        • Hughes - fails to explain the causes of street crime
        • Hughes - relies too much on subcultural theory


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