Left and Right Realist Explanations for Crime and Deviance.

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  • Realism.
    • Lea and Young.
      • Relative Deprivation.
      • Marginalisation.
      • Subculture.
    • Wilson.
      • Zero Tolerance.
        • Broken Windows.
          • Minor Incivilities.
    • Clarke.
      • Opportunity Theory.
        • Cost Benefit Analysis.
          • Benefits of crime out-weight the negatives.
            • Due to the lenient punishment system.
    • Etzioni.
      • Communitarianism.
        • Communities should take action to look after their community.
          • Community watch.
          • Wanting community to have value.
    • Murray.
      • The Underclass.
        • No effort placed into society through meritocracy.
          • Rely on Welfare State.
            • Benefit fraud to increase their dependency.


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