Religion and Human Relationship - Hinduism

These are the key points on Religion and Human Relationship - Hinduism


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    • Hindu marriage ceremonies
      • Hindus believe that marriage is an important duty for men and women
      • The 'SEVEN STEPS' around the sacred fire are the most important part in a Hindu marriage
      • Hindus believe mean and women have a duty to marry and have children.
    • The roles of men and women
      • The women doesn't have a career so she will look after their mother-in-laws, and their own children
      • The women is responsible is responsible for the pooja & cleaning the house
      • The men have to be faithful to their wife and to work hard.
      • The men have to earn money to support the family members & protects the family
    • Hindu beliefs about divorce
      • They believe that once a couple are joined toguether, they cannot be divorced
      • Hinduism teaches that marriage is for life
      • Divorce is acceptable sometimes because marriages don't  always work.
      • in traditional Hindu communities, divorce is seen as a disgrace for a women
    • Hindus beliefs towards sexual relationship
      • Kama is one of the four purushartas for hindus
      • Sex  is believed   to be a good thing & one of the duties of a married life
      • Sex before marriage is not acceptable
      • same sex relationship is unacceptable
      • homosexuality is treated as it does not happen
    • Contraception ''BIRTH CONTROL''
      • Birth control was completely against the thinking of Hindus
      • to have a children in a family is seen as a GOD's gift.
      • Hindus believe using contraception is wrong because you should not be having sex at a young age


Miss KHP


Fantastic AQA resource. Good use of colours separating different sub sections with important topics covered under religion and human relationships. Particularly like the 'words you need to know' sections for you insert terms you think are important and need to be remembered.  

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